Afandi Tjandra who is familiarly called Pak Anton started his business in 1989. He started to establish PT Lancarjaya Mandiri Abadi (LMA) in 1994. Starting from an initial job that only transported red soil and sand, LMA gradually grew. company. Customers began to give trust that motivated Mr. Anton to make LMA even better in the fields of construction, earthworks, heavy equipment rental, and mining.

Work experience

  1. PT Lancarjaya Mandiri Abadi, President Director (1994 – now)
  2. PT Lancarjaya Energi Nusantara, President Commissioner (2008 – now)
  3. PT Panca Traktor Indonesia, Chief Commissioner (2012 – now)
  4. PT Lancarjaya Investama Abadi, Commissioner (2017 – now)
  5. PT Global Link Pondasi, President Commissioner (2018 – now)
  6. PT Lancarjaya Niaga Internasional, Commissioner (2018 – now)
  7. PT Lancarjaya Nusantara Enjinering, President Commissioner (2019 – now)
  8. PT Bahtera Putra Nusantara, Commissioner (2019 – now)
  9. PT Batara Laman Nusantara, President Director (2020 – now)
  10. PT Lancarjaya Mandiri Bersama, President Commissioner (2020 – now)